Tentatively discontinued requesting to the Government


We, FPAJ – Free Press Association of Japan, have been continued to request participating in the press conference of the Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet by freelance journalists, internet media and foreign media since the earthquake occurred because FPAJ think more channels of information bring better situation or chance for saving life in this emergent situation.

At the same time, we FPAJ, also have been requested that the Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet or the members of the existing press club (Kisya club) media should deliver the information proactively through internet and in English for humanitarian aid if our request is not permitted.

Takashi Uesugi, the tentative President of FPAJ, managed and offered the requests from our members to join in the conference as the representative of FPAJ so that the members would not burden the Government.

As the result, Takashi Uesugi received the official reply to our request tonight.

The Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet opened an account of Twitter(@Kantei_Saigai) for delivering disaster information on 3/13, and an English account(@JPN_PMO) on 3/16.
At the same time, foreign media have been admitted to participate in the press conference of the Chief Cabinet Secretary. Also the representative of Internet News Association of Japan was admitted to participate in the conference at our request starting tomorrow.

Even though it is minimum participation as a representative, however, internet and foreign media were admitted to participate to acquire the official information from the Government.
We, FPAJ, decided to discontinue our request because we think our request has been partially admitted. We are going to host the press conference inviting guest speaker to achieve our original goal from now on.

Our tentative office was damaged by this earthquake (East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster).Since the wall of newly rented office was cracked from the ceiling to the floor in some parts, we are investigating if there is any risk or need to restore.
So it is so difficult to hold the press conference at our office for the time being.

However, NicoNico Douga(internet video streaming service) provided their studio for FPAJ to hold the press conference hosted by FPAJ until we can hold the official press conference at our office. Please acknowledge that it is not internet video program, but the press conference.

This is our report for resuming our activity.

We, all members of FPAJ, are deeply feel sympathy for the victims of the disaster and hope as many life would be saved as possible.

FPAJ – Free Press Association of Japan