The result of our request


We, FPAJ – Free Press Association of Japan, have been requesting the participation in the press conference to Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet since this morning.

Unfortunately and surprisingly, however, they replied to refuse because” Freelance journalists are not allowed to participate in the press conference because it is regular ordinary conference”

The information of newspaper and TV is not delivered to the damaged area except to some shelters of limited area. Some victims of the earthquake, however, can access to the internet by mobile phone, waiting for new information through internet media such as Twitter.

We, FPAJ, managed individual requests for participating in the press conference from the member of FPAJ and have requested to participate in the press conference with our option to join by representatives of FPAJ members. However, they still replied to refuse because it is regular ordinary conference.

In this emergent situation, we FPAJ are surprised and even feel angry with their attitude attached to “old custom” and “practice” instead of the life of people in Japan.

We, FPAJ, keep requesting to open the press conference for the reporting through multiple channels.

FPAJ – Free Press Association of Japan