Continuous request to the Government


We, FPAJ – Free Press Association of Japan, have been requesting the participation in the press conference by internet and foreign media to Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet since the earth quake in the northeastern area of pacific coast in Japan has occurred.

We requested to Mr. Yukio Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary, for us to participate in the press conference started at 8 am, but we could not get official reply until now.

The needed information by newspaper and TV is not reached to the victims in the area of damaged area by the earthquake except the some shelters. Some victims of the earthquake, however, can access to the internet by mobile phone, waiting for new information through internet media such as Twitter.

We, FPAJ, managed individual requests for participating in the press conference from the members of FPAJ and have requested to participate in the press conference with our option to join by the representatives of internet and foreign media. The situation, however, has not changed at all.

We continue to manage individual requests from our members, so please refrain from requesting individually by our members.

We request continuously the delivery of the information through the internet and hope that valuable information would be delivered to as many victims as possible.

FPAJ – Free Press Association of Japan